Hercules Laboratory


Responsible: Dr. Ana Teresa Fialho Caeiro Caldeira

The HERCULES Laboratory of the University of Évora is a reference research unit in Portugal classified by the Foundation for Science and Technology as Excellent. With a multidisciplinary team of 27 doctors, it has several laboratories equipped with cutting-edge analytical instrumentation and a mobile laboratory that allows it to develop innovative research in areas such as cultural heritage, environment and food and agriculture. Particularly important is its biotechnology and biodegradation laboratory focused on innovation and development and responsible for the last two years of the registration of four patents and the introduction of new molecular techniques such as metagenomics by new generation sequencing. With this capacity, HERCULES is at the forefront of the development of integrated research for the valuation of heritage and natural resources through its study from the material point of view, including the characterization of materials, as well as developing new methodologies and new (bio)technological solutions. HERCULES seeks to unite resources and competences from different research areas to bring a new approach to research in Euroregion A3 and strengthen the position of this region in the European space.

With a broad vision of the scope of its intervention and taking into account the need for competitiveness and internationalization of the regional economy, the HERCULES laboratory created in 2016 the HIT3CH interface (HERCULES Interface for Technology Transfer and Teaming in Cultural Heritage) to develop a new way of doing research and technology transfer. The PROBIOMA collaborative project is part of this strategic vision of creating new solutions for social problems, taking advantage of the unique potential of the region, in particular the scientific quality of the consortium, its connection to the territory and the enterprises and the existence of incomparable natural resources with biotechnological potential still to be exploited and valued.